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      SageLife is an apparel and spiritual lifestyle brand founded on the principals of Spiritual Awareness, Growth and Enlightenment.  It is operated out of the Southern United States. 


      Spiritual Awareness |   Spiritual Awareness is about placing focus on our spiritual nature, not just our worldly nature.  As we focus on the unfolding of a flower, we become aware of the flower, of its beauty, of our oneness with the flower, of its purpose and design.   It is the same with Spirit.  Once we focus on our spiritual nature, we become aware.  Aware of our beauty, aware of our purpose, aware of our oneness, aware of our fear, aware of our limiting beliefs and it is out of this awareness that knowledge becomes understanding and understanding becomes wisdom and self awareness becomes all awareness and a beautiful life unfolds.   

      Growth | The evolution of our souls to the point where we can hold the state of Pure Divine Love and Consciousness at all times.  We then become:

      1. Untainted vessels of the Divine, allowing divine love to flow through us into the world.
      2. Messengers of Light, Light reflecting Light.
      3. Co-Creators of this mysterious and beautiful universe.

      Enlightenment | It is no mistake that we are eternal beings, it is no mistake that we are bound to an earthly life for some period of what we call “time”, it is no mistake that we have earthly bodies with emotions and intelligence. It is time that we all wake up out of our sleep and realize the radiant beauty in us and all around us. The perfection of what is happening. Just like the Genie in Aladdin, we are great big spirits in little bitty bodies. All the prophets, saints, ascended masters, gurus, sages and many others have been our finger pointing to the Divine. The Divine seeks more than a bunch of suffering lackeys. The Divine desires each of us to be a perfect aspect of the Divine’s Love and Fire.

      So SageLife is dedicated, in one small way, to help each of us and all of us, to realize our full divinity and responsibility to continually bring about the fruition of a healed universe.  To realize the radiance of this gift right now.

      Our little piece is to help fuel the conversation that surrounds a deeper way of life. That is the core of each one of us, through Spiritual Awareness, Growth and Enlightenment.